Sunday, 18 December 2016

How The UK Can Keep Free Movement of People Whilst Remaining In The Single Market

If you are truly truly concerned about the levels of Immigration then the only party to vote for is.......wait for it.......Labour.
Labour deal with immigration more effectively than any other party.
We have high levels of immigration ONLY because of economic decisions and therefore, we can cut immigration by using economic decisions.
Labour aren't going to do it by slamming the door shut on
Labour aren't going to do it by spreading
So need we be concerned about keeping our open door policy to
We don't have to use xenophobic, racist, small minded, little Englander policies to save the United Kingdom. 
How Labour are going to do is quite brilliant, we can keep all the great things abour Britain, we can maintain our friendship with Europe and we can reduce the number of immigrants without compromising our principals, our pride and our prosperity.
But, but but, before I tell you how I just want to go over a few issues that might arise if we stick to the closed door xenophobic policy.
Closing the door on immigration could decimate the already overstretched staffing levels of our hospital staff. Our immigrants close the skills shortage gap so Labour will fund the vocational training that the tories have soooo neglected.
I used to think that austerity was a political choice, but having encountered a 'brilliant mind' recently I understand that 'everything' is a political choice.
We could have full employment with everyone enjoying a decent standard of living, we don't because of a political choice.
We could have the best health service in the world, but we don't because of political choice.
We could all own our own homes, but we don't because of political choice.
This shit storm we currently live in is purely down to a political choice.
Yes, there might me a few ramifications, we may have higher interest rates or inflation, the country may have to accumulate a little more debt, but thats just merely economics. Isn't the trade off more than worth it?
The nation is concerned with the effects that immigration is having on our country. The reason that they are concerned is because politicians have decided that to force their political agenda, we, the people need to be greatly concerned about immigration.
If immigration were a true concern, then all political parties would be concerned about it, but this isn't the case. Its only the right wing parties who push this agenda. Labour are not concerned about immigration because the way they would deal with it would make our concerns over immigration, irrelevant.
We have been led to believe that immigrants are flooding the country and driving down wages, not true. British companies are driving up immigration numbers by only providing low paid jobs that British people can't afford to take. This drives up profits for our businesses whilst keeping our own people out of work, on the dole, supported by the tax payer. British business profiteers on low paid migrant workers whilst the tax payer, us, pick up the tab for the unemployment it creates. It is tory policy along with the compliance of British businesses that is the driving force behind ever increasing immigration.
A political choice.
MacDonalds, if everyone who normally wants a MacDonalds on a Friday, go out to buy one but all the stores are closed except the one on the fezzie park, what are the queues going to be like? They are going to be long, very long, the staff are going to be working their asses off, hygiene, quality and customer service are going to be on the floor, but efficiency and profitability has been improved. This is tory Britain.
You know what I'm going to say, yep, this is also exactly what is happening to our country as a whole, not just the NHS, or our other essential services, but everywhere in both private and public sectors.
So how is labour going to solve the problem of immigration with a political choice, simple.
The living wage.
Remember that.
The difference between Labour and the tories is that labour will enforce it. Essentially depriving the British labour market of the facility, provided by the tory party, to exploit migrant workers. Our once unscrupulous employers will have to pay migrant workers the exact same as British born workers, so faced with this choice they will naturally choose the British born worker and as a result the opportunities for migrant labour diminishes. No xenophobic policies, just a naturally occurring reduction in the number of immigrants.
The ones currently being exploited and filling places in the low wage labour market will no longer have opportunities in Britain, but more importantly, the skilled workers we need filling gaps in the NHS etc will be welcome.
Now this is the real beauty of labours brexit strategy.
1. It will separate the immigrants we need from those that we done need.
2. British living standards will rise because there are no more zero hours contracts and exploitative labour practices, great for British people, bad for unskilled migrants.
3. Immigrants will look for work in mainland Europe and not the UK. Immigration becomes a mainland European problem.
4. Because we can keep free movement of people, we can also retain membership of the single market.
In a nutshell labour will:
1. Reduce immigration and increase employment for British people.
2. Increase basic salaries for the indigenous population improving living standards.
3. Lower unemployment and higher salaries also means more money for the treasury.
4. More money for the treasury means more money to pay off the debt, to fund the NHS and everything else we hold dear.
5. Paying off the debt means the economy is better off, faster.
6. Higher employment means lower crime rates. (The crisis in our and prisons and public services solved).
Its because of policies like this that the establishment hate us. This is just one policy and believe me, there are many more that will improve our lives in on top of this.
Just remember, everything that is happening to us the result of a political choice. All it takes to change it is one simple vote.
We've had enough of tory created immigration, tory created austerity, tory created poverty.
Think prosperity, think Labour.