Sunday, 23 April 2017

Ode to Corbyn

Brexit Under Corbyn

If our next Prime Minister’s Corbyn,
A wise and weathered man,
Unlike the tory party,
Mr Corbyn has a plan.

He’ll build decent social housing,
An end to bad landlords, at last,
The damp we have to suffer,
Will become a thing of the past.

He’ll renationalise our industries,
And our household bills will drop,
Neoliberal profiteering,
Under Corbyn, it will stop.

A million jobs created,
Decent terms and conditions for all,
End of tory zero hours contracts,
We’ll all stand proud and tall.

Our services are in crisis,
But migration isn’t to blame,
It’s tory underfunding,
And that sadly, will never change.

Immigrants will be welcomed here,
To live and work and play,
With the return of the migrant impact fund,
We’ll be happy for them to stay.

Now Corbyn, he’s a brave old soul,
But he doesn’t want a war,
To kill innocent people for money,
That, we should all abhor.

The banks who caused the crisis,
Will be reigned in, just you see,
And those tax avoiding leeches,
Will learn sharing and not greed.

We are a land of true compassion,
We love and care, not hate,
This is what it means to be British,
This is what makes Britain ‘Great’.

So Corbyn is very electable,
Don’t put you belief in the press,
For all they have to offer is,
Their vested interest.

The press is owned by billionaires,
And taxes they don’t pay,
Which is why they denounce Corbyn,
To stop him making change.

This life could be reality,
So lets do ourselves a favour,
When next you visit the ballot box,
Ensure you vote for Labour.

Will We Become A 'Nation Of Shopkeepers?'

One thing that people are great at is surviving. As working terms and conditions are rapidly being eroded by this Tory government, the negative effect isn’t going to be limited to public sector services. Will people change the economy by changing their own futures?

There is already movement of workers to every part of the private sector. So what does this mean for the private sector?
We are already witnessing record numbers of people leaving the public sector to work in the private sector. And as attacks on pay and conditions continue to worsen within the public sector, this trend is only going to continue.

This is inevitably going to have a negative effect on the existing private sector, as competition for available jobs is increased. Increased competition also means cheaper prices, only this time, it’s cheap Labour.
So with diminishing opportunity and people struggling to survive employed within the private and public sectors employee, they will seek out decent standards of living by entering self employment. This is the sector that will see the largest growth in new start-ups, a positive move for people entering the sector, but at the same time, creating greatly increased competition for existing business with diminishing numbers of available staff to run them. New start-ups will enter the sector naturally adapted to the new conditions, but many existing business will be forced to adapt their business model by downsizing in order to survive.

Our essential fire brigade, police and hospital services will still be needed. I don’t think that it is inconceivable that these service professionals could become entirely freelance naming their own price for a days work, the negotiations of which won’t be controlled by staffing agencies but more than likely, the unions, who may become stronger than at any time in history.
I’ve always believed that the public sector is the barometer for the working terms and conditions for the rest of the nation. Destroying the public sector will have the consequence of diluting the private sector. Large business will fail as micro businesses flourish, essentially returning the country back to being a nation of shopkeepers.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Jeremy Corbyn Just Isolated The Tories

Has Jeremy Corbyn just pulled off some magnificent political skulduggery?

The last two weeks have been quite remarkable, in that it appears as though Jeremy Corbyn has just isolated the Tories into their right wing, neoliberal pen.
Whilst the Tories and the rest of the political right have been on their holidays or dreaming up their next batch of unfounded slurs or both, to use against Jeremy Corbyn and the labour shadow cabinet, in a game of ‘personality politics’, they were too preoccupied, that they failed to realise that Mr Corbyn and the team, were playing an entirely different game. The game of policy politics.

In one week they have announced the policies to attract the young, the old, workers, remainers, brexiteers and even business. He has covered the entire political spectrum from the very poorest right up to neoliberalism’s front door, effectively sweeping aside the rest of the centre ground by creating policies attractive to them and pinning the tories into a right wing, anti europe, anti single market, anti immigrant, pro tax evasion, anti disabled, poverty creating, child starving corner, that they can’t escape from.

It is time for Parliamentary Labour Party to unite behind Jeremy Corbyn, if only because they have nowhere left to go.

Appropriate that this should happen at Easter, don’t you think?

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Open Letter to Scotland

Open letter to Scotland.

Dear Scotland,
I have some fantastic news for you. There is a real movement happening in England right now and personally I’d love you to be a part of it.

There are some great policies emerging from the labour party right now that will be to the benefit of all of us in the United Kingdom. Policies that will benefit all of us whether what we want is improved business, health, transportation, education, local services, jobs, housing or the economy, there is something there for everyone.

As the Tories create an ever widening divide between us and the rest of Europe, labours policies will close those fissures. Even though we may be out of Europe, it will feel to us and our European friends, that we had never left.

Jeremy Corbyn has promised us a new central bank from where we can build a million new homes, that equates to 10,000 homes on average per county. Just think of the jobs that could bring to your area and ours.  An end to zero hours contracts and a rise in the living wage to £10 per hour.

Labours policies would ensure that we can retain tariff free trade with Europe, our closest and best trading partner and also retain free movement of people but under Labour, without the exploitation of our continental brothers and sisters that the Tory government are so willing to exploit to the detriment of our Great British Union.

This is a dream that we all hold but we can’t do it alone. This tory government have divided the UK so badly to ensure that we, as a nation cannot realise this dream alone. We need you Scotland to turn back to Labour to ensure that we can all share in the prosperity that the next Labour government will gift to us all.

We can win over the divisions the tory party has created, between our great nations, but only together, can we make our dreams a reality.

Please Scotland, vote Labour.